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How to keep your Home & Storage

For extra protection, or prevent pests, or even the threat of pests in a
Natural Way, use CEDAR.

Bellam Self Storage & Boxes offers a natural product, cedar, that can keep your goods fresh and pest free.  The cedar helps to continue our unblemished record, we appreciate your help in keeping us pest free.

Natural cedar products deter pests and keep your goods fresh smelling, even after months of dark storage.  Unlike other pest products, they do not leave toxic residue on your stored goods.

You can repel spiders, moths, and beetles in your home, storage, car or boat, by using a cedar spray or cedar blocks.

Cedar blocks and cedar spray products have been tested and have proven to be a natural way to repel, not kill insects.  Don’t let your stored goods harbor unwanted critters!  Cedar is a natural product which we sell as an easy to use non-toxic spray.  It is environmentally friendly; better yet, it is people friendly.  Cedar blocks and spray are best used in confined areas, such as closets, trunks, and storage spaces.

Avoiding insects in the first place is so much more attractive than killing them with toxic sprays.  If you must pack in used boxes, spray the box with cedar spray prior to packing; this will encourage any insect to find another home.  When packing in new boxes, use cedar blocks.

When you use toxic killer sprays, the insect dies where killed, leaving buggy residues and stains on your goods.  Dead insects attract more insects.  Toxic sprays may stain your property, or leave a lingering smell.

Keep the battle lines clearly defined with Cedar.

Every quality storage facility has to be vigilant in order to remain free from pests.  Storage facilities are particularly vulnerable since they have limited control over what is brought in by their tenants.

To make sure that no problems develop, Bellam Self Storage & Boxes maintains a rigorous pest control program.  As a result, we have never had a serious report of pests on site.

How can you keep your storage free of insects?

Use clean boxes for packing:
Use only new, clean boxes and storage materials. Where have those boxes been?  Are they from a friend, a supermarket, or from a garage.  Don’t store in something that brings in its own history of bugs.

Prevention is always better… than a cure.

Insects will take any opportunity to find new surroundings while they are searching for food, so make sure you don’t let them hitchhike on your stored goods.

Always store clothing & fabrics clean:
Any clothing or fabric that has been worn or soiled may stain in storage or attract pests.  Even lightly soiled items, which may not be noticed by the naked eye, can stain when left in the dark over several months.

Food stains can actually attract pests to your space.
Clothing stored at home my have been subject to moths or other insects, when in storage any undetected moths can do untold damage.

Pre-cleaning removes any pests from your goods before they go into storage.  For best results, launder or dry clean your valuable goods before putting them in storage.

Store clean to stay clean.

Always have rugs prepared:
When storing rugs they should be cleaned and professionally treated for storage.  They should be properly rolled, not folded, and should be wrapped in acid free paper.

Our grandmothers would beat rugs in the bright sunlight.  They knew that the unwanted pests die in the sunlight, and that they can thrive in the dark.

Even the best of homes have these uninvited guests, but regular cleaning and vacuuming keep them in check.  However, any pests brought into storage are likely to thrive in storage if given the opportunity.

Protect your valuable rugs from damage.

Never store any items that are wet or damp:
Only store items that are dry.  Do not store any item wet or damp.  Damp storage attracts bugs and may develop mold or mildew. They may develop a foul odor, become stained, or even rot, if they are not allowed to properly dry before storage.

Do not eat in your storage space:
Do not take food or beverages into you storage space either to consume or store.  The most tidy of eaters will drop undetected crumbs which will inevitably attract pests.

Do not be the source of your infestation.

Never store food or perishables:
Never put any food canned or otherwise, in storage, or pests will love it.  Don’t invite them in for dinner.

Do not use moth balls:
Moth balls are not recommended for storage use.  Moth balls are Toxic and once that moth ball scent has saturated your clothing, there will always be a trace of mothball smell.

Thank you for your help in keeping our building clean and
clear of problems for all our tenants.

Ask your Bellam Self  Storage & Boxes Advisor for information on natural pest control for your storage space.

Below is a list of the cedar products, their uses and prices. All items may be purchased at the Bellam Self Storage facility in San Rafael or on-line.
Click to purchase cedar products listed now.

Cedar Spray Use to revitalize cedar wood or blocks.  Spray boxes before and after packing for added protection.
4oz. bottle
Cedar Blocks 
Use in closets, trucks, moving boxes, plastic bins, or any enclosed area.  Use in Wardrobe boxes to keep clothes fresh.   $1.95
one large block

set of 4 small blocks
Cedar Liners
Use in drawers, to keep folded dresser items fresh.  Can also use in Wardrobe boxes and any moving boxes. $7.95
set of 5 liners
Cedar Hangers Wonderful to use in closets, and in Wardrobe boxes. $2.25
one hanger
set of 5 hangers

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