Bellam Self Storage & Boxes
24 Bellam Boulevard – San Rafael, CA 94901
Phone: 415-454-1983 – Fax: 415-454-3469

At Bellam Self Storage & Boxes, we are here to help both the inexperienced and the professional, in making this process easier. With our large assortment & supply of moving & packing materials, at the most reasonable prices in Marin, and our expert tips to ease the way, Bellam can make your move or reorganization smoother and less stressful.

In our business, we meet wonderful people every day that are stressed out, mostly due to the “packing” chore ahead of them. Our mission is to help make that process easier, affordable, and yet to keep the Green idea in mind while doing it.

As you pack, number your boxes, and list the contents of each box in a separate notebook. It is easier to keep track of numbered boxes, plus you do not need to advertise the contents of each box. If you are going to store some of your boxes, it is easier to fetch boxes by number than to read the contents listed on the side of each box.

We also offer free delivery within Marin County, with a minimum order requirement; call for details. Quantity discounts are available. In keeping with our green policies, our boxes and many of our packing products are made of recycled materials. Our bulk purchasing power allows us to offer exceptional pricing. We have everything you need. Come by, or call; we are here to answer any questions. For a full review of our product line SELECT “Packing Supplies”. Our extensive assortment can be ordered on line.

Bellam Self Storage & Boxes thanks our storage tenants, our customers, our staff, and friends in supporting our Green Business strategy. In April 2010, we will be celebrating our 4th anniversary of “Going Green and 100% Solar Powered”, a very happy feeling.